Rain Boots for Women Have Never Looked Better

Written by Natasha

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I have to admit that I get really excited when it rains outside, because that is the time to wear my favorite rain boots. You can stay dry without giving up any of your fashion flair. With so many styles, you are sure to find something perfect no matter what your style is. Rain boots in the past, on the other hand, have been bulky, clunky and shapeless. But as they become more of a fashion statement thanks to the classic Hunter original rain boot more and more designers are creating more fashionable and more fitted rain boots for that rainy day outing.

The Burberry Quilted patent-rubber Wellington boots (left) have been on my wish list for a quite some time, but for $350 they are most probably going to stay on my wish list. So, if you think $350 is a little bit too much to spend on a rainy day you can go for the ones on the right (by the way, also by Burberry), which retail for $225.

Of course, the essential rain boot is the Hunter Original rain boot worn by every celebrity and seen on almost every woman walking New York City streets in fall and spring. Hunter has continued its iconic boot, but added lots of great colors and is offering them in classic and glossy styles this season. Actresses Ashley Olsen and Kristen Bell wear their Hunter rain boots sleek and  chic, wearing a tight black pair of leggings, wearing a must have big pair of sunglasses finishes their looks.

Want to tone it down to a more tailored look? Hunters Regent Savoy boot with a luxe quilted effect offers a more sophisticated look for both town and country. They feature more refined effect with a sleek silhouette, a slim ankle fit and a streamline upper.

If you favor a more feminine style, pair your rain boots with a soft floral halter dress or a short button sweet mini dress.

One other great rain boot that complements any style are the Stormy rubber boots by Kors Michael Kors with a silver hoop. This boot is a 100 percent waterproof and has a thick thread, but stands out as different from your typical rain boot. It’s not just for rainy days either.

One aspect of rain boots to have in mind is that most tall rain boots have a narrow calf and can be hard to fit for wider calf women. No worries, Hunter makes a short boot just for you. These boots are also great if you want to wear jeans – just tuck them up so they don’t get wet.

Once you find that perfect pair of rain boots, do not forget the socks. Hunter and some other manufacturers all make socks that fit into your boot and fold over the top for a trendier look. This not only keeps your feet warm and makes the boot super-comfy, but also lets you spice them up with a touch of color giving you lots of styling options if you only have one pair of rain boots.

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  1. karina says:

    WOW – i wish for Burberry gumboots!

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    I really like it! I always choose black boots it looks more elegant and attractive to me.

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    What are the last pair called??

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